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We at Lincoln Enterprises Ltd., the artisans and tuners see the Steelpan in a much more sentimental and romantic light. We remember the roars of the fire, the clanging hammers and gentle tapping of the master tuners the Steelpan is forged from the unfielding metal drum, to become a professional musical instrument, capable of capturing audience from Mas of Panorama in Trinidad's Carnival to the acoustically correct Royal Albert Hall in England .

The Diffination of the Steelpan
The steelpan is a definite pitch percussion instrument in the idiophone class and is traditionally made from a steel drum. The metallic playing surface is divided into convex sections by channels, groves or bores. Each convex section is played by striking the pan sticks to produce musical tones.

The Founding Fathers of Lincoln Enterprises Ltd.
Larry Lagen
Kenneth Thomas