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Every “LINCOLN Steelpan” is a finely crafted musical instrument, lovingly created by master tuners from Trinidad and Tobago - that special place on planet earth where the only new acoustic (family of) musical instruments invented in the twentieth century evolved.

LINCOLN ENTERPRISES LIMITED pioneered the commercial manufacture and marketing of the national instrument of Trinidad and Tobago – the steelpan.. Now in our 18th year, the Lincoln Steelpan has become the instrument of choice of professionals, crack shot soloists, student orchestras, amateurs, small ensembles and full orchestras. You will find Lincoln steelpans in nearly every country on earth from Japan to North and South America, Europe, throughout the Caribbean and of course Trinidad and Tobago.

We at Lincoln Enterprises Ltd., the management, artisans and tuners, see the steelpan in a much more sentimental and romantic light. We remember the roar of the fires, the clanging of the sinking hammers and the gentle tapping of the master tuners as the steelpan is forged from the unyielding steel drum, to become a professional musical instrument, capable of capturing audiences from the Panorama stage in the Savannah in Trinidad to the acoustically correct Royal Albert Hall in England.

Each ‘LINCOLN Steelpan Instrument is lovingly created by one of our master tuners selected for his mastery of the particular range.

Here are some of our Master Tuners:

  • Licoln Noel
  • The legendary Bertie Marshall
  • Lawrence ‘Ega’ Myers
  • Andy Neils
  • Sherwyn Pierre
  • Gabriel ‘Doyle' Robley
  • Tony Slater
  • Kelvin ‘Zuzie' St Rose
  • Patrick ‘Belé' Worrel

LINCOLN ENTERPRISES LIMITED can supply ALL your Steelpan Needs from a single Tenor Pan to a full Orchestra, as well as all accessories including. Stands,Carry cases and Pan sticks (mallets).

LINCOLN STEELPANS are manufactured to the now accepted 4ths and 5ths format.

Frontline pans can be delivered from inventory.

We will manufacture on demand custom instruments to any style that you want.

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